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Hi and thanks for stopping by!
I am Rebecca Grennan Djapovic (Bex Grennan is my stage name) and it’s my dream to see myself shine on the stage and screen in starring roles.  Can you relate to that?
After seeing A Chorus Line the movie as a 10 year old I recited all the moves and words and decided I was going to do that professionally.  I know you have a similar special moment.
7 years later I packed my bags, took a road trip to train at the very best Performing Arts School in Sydney.
After I graduated from college with an arts education, I thought the major roles would fall into my lap.  I got a headshot and resume, a job at a cafe waiting tables and I waited. I spent ages waiting for my first opportunities, working for minimum wage, and yet nothing happened. Every time I went to the theatre or turned on the TV I felt sad and jealous watching those actors work because I wanted those jobs so badly, but I didn’t know how to get them.
I just didn’t know how the industry was structured, or put together, or how I fit into it.
It wasn’t until I became committed to becoming a professional performer that things started to shift. I worked on my weaknesses in my skill set, I educated myself on the roles that were appropriate for me, how to create working relationships with casting directors and agents, and what I looked like when I walked into a room. Not long after, I found myself turning into the triple threat performer industry members trusted and wanted to work with.
I’m also a multi passionate performer, writer, wife, mum to be and the author of the guide book for parents of young performers So Your Kid Wants To Be A Star! 
Over the years I’ve worked on Hugh Jackman’s The Boy From Oz, Grease-the Arena Spectacular, Singin’ In the Rain, Shout- The Legend Of the Wild One, The Boyfriend (Nancy), Mame, Sweet Charity, motion capture performer in the first creation filming of Happy Feet, Alcina and Tannhauser for Opera Australia.
Universal Studios Japan has flown me to Las Vegas to learn shows, Norwegian Cruise Lines flew me to New York for costume fittings and Orlando for work and I have visited over 20 countries working as a singer on Princess Cruise Lines and Norwegian Cruise Lines.
I’m also an original song writer, cabaret performer and working Voice Over Artist.  Enjoy my demo’s below.



If you really want to be a world class actor and you’re ready to work harder than everyone you know, and book the jobs your dreaming of, then we need to talk. I get what you’re going through because I did it too, you don’t have to suffer, you can just be prepared.

For more specific things about me and what I offer, please head to Work with Me!

I continue to work on my craft and looking forward to seeing you at a gig or working with you in the future.

Love and High Kicks,

Bex xoxo

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