What I Want To Revolutionize

What I Want To Revolutionize
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Here I am in Sunny Florida and because most of you know I’m traveling on a cruise ship as a singer, I seem to get into most ports and find the fastest internet to update my website etc. Today I find myself in the mall in Cocoa Beach and I opened my emails to find Danielle LaPorte’s newsletter asking me to reply to her question:

“What do you want to revolutionize”?

For me it’s not all the things she has listed in her newsletter either.

For me it is a personal and heart felt mission that drives me to make my mark on the world.


And before you think I’m getting all Tyra Banks on anyone I mean specifically, MORE SELF LOVE and ACCEPTANCE for young girls going through those awkward years of adolescence and beyond.

I want to revolutionize the way they grow up so they with a grounded sense of self and sense of community that supports positivity and allows them to have healthy images of themselves.

I feel really strongly about this.

The things I know NOW, about your brain and how your self-talk creates the framework to how you feel about yourself and how you relate to other people would have been invaluable in those teen years.

Everyone needs to know this.  Starting young,  so women can begin to take responsibility for them selves and make it an early and powerful habit.

I know everything starts at home so if you’re not getting it right at home- it’s not working outside a lot of the time.

My revolution would be to infiltrate as many people’s boundaries of possibility and help them to rise above their circumstance- get out of the lack mentality and pass that forward to the next generation.

It needs to be done. Human beings are worth working for, and it takes courage and persistence to make a change.

I want all the women of the world to join in the big party of revolutionizing the way they talk and think of their body minds and spirits and pass on the happy juices to their children so that this positive influence, this feminine energy can heal the world.

Amen Sista. xox

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