What To Do When SET-BACKS Hit The Fan

What To Do When SET-BACKS Hit The Fan
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Welcome to this week’s newest video post and this week I’m sharing to you from chilly New York City.

It’s a great day here, full of hustle and bustle and plenty of business people around and I’ve even noticed a few dedicated dancers walking down 9th with their tights and jackets on.

This leads to to share with you a personal story about how to overcome obstacles in your way when doing the audition circuit and how to get back up and keep on keeping on.


I share with you some funny stories about thinking I had my first ever auditioned job and then the up side of that reality.

I look forward to seeing and hearing your feedback on these videos and if you have any ideas or more questions you want answered, please feel free to write to me, send me a video or call me and let me know your ideas.

Enjoy the video,
Until next week

Bex xoxo:)

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